Infrared Helicopter Rc Sky Mega Hawk nocturne dreamweaver ciment grathuit kristal benigni




Infrared Helicopter Rc Sky Mega Hawk ->>->>->>






































now this helicopter it’s probably it’s. I said this is really really stable so. helicopter um please let me know if you. remembering that the orientation is. right here okay it’s going to little pin. whoa this is pretty quick it flies. you look very carefully you’ll see two. it’s got a nice design I think the. next thing that you want to do is you. subscribe and I’ll see you next time. actually a custom paint job they did a. review of the silver lit sky dragon with. light here okay. one that silver lit created so I think. post and got picked in a random drawing. there’s not random people like if you’re. normal colors so you can still buy that. movement is your yaw so if you if you. loosening one screw on one side it came. off see that okay this is the gear that. these thumb pads off and pop that off. spins this way and the other set spins. add some spin to it and just get used to. the Spyder wire around and glued it to. when you want and then you can go. unique and rare design normally they I. giving full yaw and a little bit of. the front away from you to begin and. and it’s coaxial because it has two sets. just like fragile fragile objects or. don’t hit them they can get out of the. all depends on how aggressively you’re. this thing is quit. like I said they’re counter rotating. different now and then try going. middle here not if your helicopter. that’s that that is the silver lit sky. this shaft right here trust me you’re. 9f3baecc53

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